On the spice road

Mother India, is above all the story of a young man leaving his native island, the ancient Ceylon, to throw himself wholeheartedly into the new world. Paris will be the city of apprenticeships. But it is in Nice that he decides to put down his luggage. The sea, blue  like the lake of his childhood, brings to the surface distant memories: the breath of the wind on the rice fields, the thud of the pestle grinding cumin seeds, the perfume of wheat patties on a wood fire, the crackling sound of vegetables from the fields in hot coconut oil, the smoke of spices and spices that tickle the nostrils ... At the ordeal of the pans, the budding cook mimes maternal gestures. And the currys more flavourful, the sauces more fragrant, the marinades more colorful...It is finally ready to open his museum of flavors, his travel diary. He will call it Mother India.

In a cosy and warm atmosphere , take the time to discover a generous cooking, the North and South of l’Inde. currys delicate with meats marinated and grilledfrom shrimp fritters to cheese patties, a farandole of flavors that will conquer all palates, from the most sensitive to the most daring.

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